Top 3 Energy Efficient School Buildings in United Kingdom

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Currently, green-minded building designers and architects are pushing the limits of energy efficiency. The architects attempt to retrofit the older building structures with the aim of reducing their energy use, and designing new buildings that are energy efficient.

The United Kingdom has taken a great step in designing and building schools for the future. There have been projects across UK that aim at creating more energy efficient buildings that will contribute to a sustainable environment. Here are the three most energy efficient school buildings in the UK.

Schoolhaus at Chalgrove Primary School

The energy efficient building at Chalgrove Primary School is one of the Schoolhaus projects. It was designed and developed by the UK Energy Partners. The Schoolhaus at the school is a 100m2 building. The Schoolhaus building has a meeting room, classroom area, a covered outdoor area, and toilets too. So far, the building at Chalgrove is rated as the most energy efficient school building across UK.

The schoolhaus building has energy efficient technology, which helps to create a system that is carbon neutral. The building is documented with an impressive EPC rating of A+ 83. The efficient building was built off site, and after completion, it was assembled in Chalgrove Primary School. Erecting the building took just a day.

The Chalgrove Schoolhaus has been built to perfection and has a great appearance. However, its best features are the technologies it has been fitted with. The building has LED lighting, lighting, cooling and heating systems that are powered by the solar panels on the building’s roof. The building also has Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR), and occupancy and motion sensors that control lighting and heating.

The Schoolhaus at Chalgrove has reduced its carbon footprint and has given the school an opportunity to solve the capacity issues. Moreover, Chalgrove Primary School’s energy efficient building allows the generation of clean energy that resulted in saved fuel amounting to £3,166.

Schoolhaus at Palantine Primary School

This is yet another school that has a Schoolhaus building. It is located in West Sussex. This is the first Schoolhaus that has specifically been built for a special school. Palantine Primary School is a special community school that caters for pupils with various learning needs.

The project was aligned with the school’s need to increase their teaching space so that they could accommodate more students. The UK Energy Partners designed the Schoolhaus at Palantine Primary to have specialist one-to-one interaction rooms, a group interaction room, offices for two staff, a toilet, and two sensory rooms.

The Schoolhaus at Palantine occupies a surface area of 127 square metres and it has an annual solar PV yield of 14,393 KWh. The Schoolhaus also has an excellent EPC rating of A+ (-77). The building is quite aesthetic and is fitted with energy efficient technology, which helps Palantine Primary reduce its carbon footprint, and generate clean energy.

The technology installed in the building includes LED lighting. Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR), and Occupancy and motion sensors that help detect, and control the building’s lighting and heating.

The Schoolhaus at Palantine Primary School is rated as one of the best energy efficient schools in UK. This is because it has a new adaptable space that can be utilized by the children, the school staff, and the community at low running costs. The building had an energy generation revenue and saved fuel costs of £2,284. It also has an annual feed-in tariff income of £1,369.

Schoolhaus at Plumberow Primary Academy

A marvelous building design at Plumberow Primary Academy was initiated by the UK Energy Partners, who put in a lot of detail and professionalism to construct a Schoolhaus at the school. The construction of the Schoolhaus was done off-site at the factory and then assembled at Plumberow Primary. This construction method avoids disruptions, and wastage from the construction works.

The zero-carbon Schoolhaus occupies a total surface area of 253 m2. It also has an annual solar PV yield of 26,199 KWh. Moreover, the Schoolhaus at Plumberow has a great EPC rating of A+ (-75). The building’s carbon emission rating per year comes to -41.57 kg/m2.

The energy efficient building at Plumberow has been designed to accommodate washroom facilities, it also has a great teaching space, and accommodates two storerooms. The building is also fitted with energy efficient technologies that help to keep the building’s carbon footprint at a minimum.

Moreover, the building costs significantly lower and is more environment-friendly compared to the traditional buildings. The Schoolhaus at Plumberow also contributes in saving massive costs. The building enables the school to have an export generation revenue and saved fuel costs amounting to £3,085. Also, the Schoolhaus has an annual feed-in tariff income of £3,068. This is one of the best energy efficient school buildings you will find in UK.