Investing in Green Energy could raise the Price of Your Property

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What worth Is it to go green in the UK home real estate? If you rehab your home as per the environmental standards or install a solar panel on the roof, is it true that it will command more when you sell? The answer probably is Yes, because when your install an efficient heating system and make green improvements, the future buyer is likely to pay you more for the efforts you made. According to a recent study conducted, green features in new constructions and renovations represent a growing trend.
Improving a home’s energy efficiency can add to its value while not costing a fortune. Buyers always look for measures that will save them money on the monthly bills. Solar panels specifically can be an asset and add an immense assessment to the homes as they offer huge savings on your monthly electricity bills. These systems are strong, long lasting and do not require mush supervision and maintenance. The benefits can be even greater if electricity costs rise (as predicted) in the nearing future.
Home sellers in the UK must now produce an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) which rates a particular property’s energy efficiency from G to A, an average home in the UK are rated as D, but if this band is improved from D to B, it can powerfully add to it selling price.


Energy Efficient Measures that can be taken:

  • Loft insulation: Insulating your loft or topping up existing insulation will prevent the heat from leaking and keeps your space heated for a longer time.
  • Windows: Often heat in the homes is lost through windows, if they are replaced with double or triple glazed windows or secondary glazing is installed to the exit windows, it keeps home warm and reduces the external noise.
  • Boilers: Traditional boilers often lose heat and this is the reason they use a lot of energy. But the high-efficiency boilers or ground source heat pumps recover a lot of heat leading to less consumption of energy.
  • Draught proofing: Gaps in windows, doors, lofts, fittings and pipe works lead to heat loss, sealing these gaps will prevent the heat from escaping.
  • Cavity wall insulation: Some homes have hollow spaces in the middle; this space can be filled easily without creating a mess and can save on energy loss.
  • External and internal solid wall insulation: Older homes have solid walls so if they are insulated from inside and outside both, it can noticeably reduce the heat loss.
  • Solar panels: They can capture solar energy and convert it into electricity thus saving on your electricity bills.

Feed-in-Tariff is the one way which can significantly increase your home’s appeal and value. It is a payment plan offered by the UK government to the homeowners so that they can create clean, smoke-free and renewable energy through sunlight (
Selling a House with Green Energy

Age of solar panels installed is the deciding factor that establishes final costing of a property. Earlier you sell, more appeal your property will have, this is because of the FiT payments of which new owner can take benefits. It is most beneficial to sell your solar panel installed house between 10 -15 years of installing the solar panels because this way you earn the money that you had invested during installation and derive the benefits of minimal electricity bills. If you sell your home after 20 years of installation, it is still an advantage because you have been benefitted by government’s payments. Plus, these systems come with a warranty of 20-30 years and might last for fifty years.

Tips for Selling a House with Green Energy:

  • Look for an MCS (microgeneration certification Scheme) registered company for installing the solar panels. It ensures you qualify for FiT scheme and installation covers warranty.
  • Sell your property after 10-15 years of installation.
  • Look for an estate agent who knows and appreciates the value of solar PV. Because there are few who do not yet understand the value that solar panels can bring to a home while you sell it.

Green energy is the need of the day; it saves money in the long run. Solar panels especially have a lot to pay; modern panels are thin, sleek and look aesthetically pleasing. Renewal energy is a necessity, and likely to be the future of British landscape.