Top 3 Sustainable Energy Workplaces in United Kingdom

Sustainable and Low Energy Building Design Ideas
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The world is working at a break- neck speed, with tall skyscrapers, malls, and corporate houses being established every single day. While this is a humungous development and progress done by mankind, it has also put one sector in threat- Energy.

Whether it is a mall, a corporate office, or even our homes- the increase in technology and gadgets has led to the increase in energy consumption. While countries continue to make a mark in the world in terms of its economic development, it also has an increased use of energy.

With the rate of usage of the resources, there would be a time when the demand for energy would outstrip its supply. However, companies are waking up to the importance and the benefits of using sustainable energy, and the installation of solar panels has increased tremendously. There has been an increase of 40% in the commercial installations of solar panels in the UK, thereby bringing down the costs to a whopping 30%.

Fig: UK reaching the mark of 10GW PV capacity in the first quarter of 2016.

Here are the top 3 companies in UK that use solar energy:


  •  Kohl’s is a retail giant that has been using sustainable energy all across its department stores. They began installing solar panels as early as 2007, when they partnered with SunEdison.
  •  Almost 40% of the power needed to run the stores is generated via the panels.
  •  All across 140 sites, they now have a huge 44.72MW of solar PV capacity installed.
  •  One of the largest installations they have made is in Maryland, wherein they have installed 8,000 panels- on an annual basis, it can power close to 317 homes.


  •  Not only does Walmart set an example as a successful retail chain globally, but also in terms of ethical and environmental credentials.
  •  Walmart has been installing solar panels since 2005.
  •  In their list of long- term goals, one of their main goal is to run their whole company on renewable energy, and they seem to be heading towards achieving it completely.
  •  Their portfolio shows a massive installed capacity of almost 90 MW.
  •  Globally, they have 335 sites, which generate close to 2.2 billion kWh of solar energy; which means that almost 25% of their global operations depend upon and work on renewable energy.


  •  With almost 35 MW of installed solar capacity across 39 sites, IKEA is well on its way to becoming one of the leading companies having commercial solar installations.
  •  IKEA has panels on almost 79% of their retail outlets.
  • It is indeed a great achievement for IKEA in terms of energy as well as cost saving, as 89% of the energy needed by them to run their stores comes directly from solar power.

Thus, it is really encouraging to see pioneering and leading business giants take up the idea of renewable energy so seriously and enthusiastically. Not only does it reflect the concern for the future, it also showcases their strategy for creating cheaper electricity and reducing the major incurring cost for them. By incorporating these measures, they are going about setting yet another example of reducing their carbon footprint and using sustainable energy resources for the world to see.